WirelessNetView Download

WirelessNetView is a small, easy-to-use program that goes a few steps further than your standard Windows WiFi tool. It lets you view extra information about nearby wireless networks, including your own. WirelessNetView scans nearby networks and displays them with additional information such as signal strength, type of security etc, name, etc.

Using WirelessNetView is very easy to use, WirelessNetView will automatically scan and find nearby networks as soon as it boots up and display them in an easy-to-read, traditional columned list format. It allows you to view networks by name and next to each item you will find a number of different details such as signal strength, the type of security and authentication, the router MAC address, network type, RSSI, date of first and last detected network by the program, channel the network is working on, potential bandwidth and much more. You can also sort the results found by each of these options if that works better for your requirements.

At any time, you can prepare a report for all of the results or select a specific network from the list and save its details as an HTML file. WirelessNetViews options allow you to adjust several useful options, such as the refresh rate and search for new networks, enabling an audible notification when new networks are found nearby, or adjusting the way MAC addresses are saved. WirelessNetView is a super useful tool for people wanting to learn more about nearby networks. It is also a good tool for those who want to compare the settings and signal strength of their own network with that of neighbour networks. For example, if you have a bad connection you may want to mimic some of your neighbour's settings to try to get better results.