Quick Logo Designer Download

Quick Logo Designer is a tool for creating logo images. It can be used by companies, organizations and private users. The program has a very simple and user-friendly interface that offers all the rudimentary tools needed to create your own company logo.

The program from the very beginning offers 4500 graphic element which can be used when creating your very own logo. To even broaden your possibilies you can choose among more than 2000 ready-to-use and editable drafts which are divided into 37 groups, all according to the branch of interest of a company. Quick Logo Designer offers in addition 300 fonts in which you can write the name of your company or organization.

Having chosen the elements that interest you, you can start to edit your logo by using tools such as shapes, lines and symbols. You can add shadows, underline, add frames, lights, etc., etc. In addition to tgat, there are special effects available such as pixelization, brightening, gray scale and inversion. Quick Logo Designer has in its offer also a few hundreds of slogans and mottos which you can use in creating you very own logo.