PaintRibbon Download

PaintRibbon is a free image editor and drawing program however unlike Photoshop it's entirely free, it has layer support and plenty of other basic features, which makes creating and editing images much easier and far more fun. It also supports a range of different filters and works with a range of social networking sites.

PaintRibbon's interface is quite traditional and works in a similar way to the one found in Office suite. In the ribbon, you will find all the programs options grouped into easy to use categories. The Home tab allows you to select, copy, paste, create screenshots, crop or resize, etc. Here you will also find a toolbox with tools for writing, filling in with colour, erasing as well as a pipette or a magnifying glass. As expected, there are various types of auto shapes, such as rectangles, circles, arrows etc. Though you probably won't find the default options all that useful.

The Filters tab has a range of filters that can be used in your designs or in photos you import into the software. Filters are an easy way you can change the colour to black and white or apply a sepia colour effect. By going to View, we can control the display of the project and enable/disable individual windows, such as status bar, layers or colours.

Once you have completed your project, pictures can be sent straight to your social profiles directly from PaintRibbon. The application works with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, ImageShack, TinyPic, Photobucket and Dribble. You can also send content by e-mail. PaintRibbon is a portable application, which means that it does not require any installation meaning you can always have it nearby by simple storing a copy on a USB flash drive etc. The program is very lightweight and works super fast, which should appeal to people looking for small applications with a specific application.