Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 Download

Microsoft PowerPoint is a truly excellent presentation program designed to create amazing slideshows for different purposes. PowerPoint is used by people from all over the world and gained its popularity thanks to its straightforward approach, user friendliness and comprehensive collection of powerful features.
Although it is one of the component of much larger package, called, Microsoft Office, you can download it separately. It is a payable product, however users can open the presentations for free with the use of Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer.

Regarding PowerPoint features, it offers numerous editing tools together with video and photo editing capabilities. Once the program is running, it provides all the features you would expect from an Office product. It hosts a wide collection of presentation-specific options, including transitions and animations. But there is also a bunch of other useful options concerning color adjustment, contrast, brightness, along with a blur option, watercolor and different brushes. In addition to this, users are allowed to add non-text elements, like images, videos, sound, hypertext and graphs. Pressing the file tab, displays all the options not directly related to presentations elements. In other words, you can find there features concerning security, options for sharing and co-authoring feature. The latter lets several users work on the same presentation in the separate environment, without distracting each other. 

The co-authoring feature, as the name implies, lets different users work on the same project, at the same time without interfering with somebody else. It can be used together with Office Communicator or instant messaging application if you want to find out who is editing the slides with you.

Best of all, PowerPoint 2010 enables users to record slideshows to video files in different resolution configurations. Users can trim their videos in order to display only relevant fragments. What is more, you can immediately broadcast your presentation by sharing a link with people, so that they can view it on the Web.

To sum it up, Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 is the top-notch software which offers users stupendous amount of excellent features that undoubtedly ease the task of creating an interesting presentation. Users who like to tinker with plethora choices available, will definitely appreciate it. Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful product with which you can achieve stunning results. User-friendly for all types of users, comprises the most extensive set of templates, transitions, and animations that can make your presentations professional looking and eye-catching.