ZW3D Download

ZW3D is a CAD/CAM program for 3D modelling and the design and construction of injection moulds and details. The application supports file formats such as CAD 3D, NX, SolidWorks, Catia, Creo and Inventor.

ZW3D allows you to design and assemble elements using hybrid modelling, this allows for easier and faster modelling. ZW3D can work simultaneously with 3D solids, edge models and surfaces, the software also allows you to generate especially smooth surfaces.

ZW3D features and support

  • The program has the function of milling and 2-axis turning and is also equipped with a built-in motion simulation module with animations.
  • With the help of ZW3D, you will create full 2D documentation of our project, including sections and detailed views with dimensions.
  • Abundant tools can help handle your complex assemblies via both top-down and bottom-up design.
  • You can flexibly assemble, manage, and edit the components, view different statuses, update associated models, etc.
  • Reliable verification tools can help ensure the manufacturability of your design.
  • 2D drawings, with detailed information of dimensions, tolerances and annotations, can be easily created for manufacturing and inspection. Plus, they can be updated automatically as models or assemblies change.
  • PMI tools allow you to make dimensions and annotations intuitively on 3D entities, making design collaboration a piece of cake.