Wireless Network Watcher Download

Wireless Network Watcher is a freeware tool that does not require installation. With this application you can easily and effectively obtain information about all the devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi network. Such a program proves extremely useful especially when you want to check what devices are connected to your home wireless WiFi network.

Wireless Network Watcher is an application which is very simple and incredibly easy in use. it is very intuitive so even the beginning users should not have any problems working with it. After launching the program, it starts the scanning automatically and after just a while a list of all the devices connected to your current wireless WiFi network is displayed. After turning on the program you can refresh the listat any given moment (since the program does not update it on its own).

Each and every device that is connected to your current wireless WiFi network is scanned, and Wireless Network Watcher displays information regarding IP address, MAC address, the name of its ethernet card and, optionally, the name of the computer. With the program you can choose the ethernet card or a network that should be scanned, and after scanning you can create a detailed HTML report.