CommView for WiFi Download

There are numerous tools for network traffic monitoring currently available on the market. CommView for WiFi is specifically designed for this particular purpose. It is an all-in–one tool since it acts as both monitor and analyzer for data transferring through WLAN channels.

The program’s interface is nicely organized and quite easy to work with. It clearly displays the picture network and other useful information letting you examine network problems. Each tab represents different functions, such as nodes, channels, packets, VoIP and logs.

CommView for WiFi is powerful enough to check every packet of data and reveal information regarding access points, signal strength, protocol distribution, connections list and even more.
What is more, it supports over 70 protocols, what makes CommView for WiFi even more reliable, while allowing you to get every bit of information in regard to the network traffic.

This powerful tool also lets you view call logging details. Users receve full reports about SIP Sessions, H.323 Sessions, RTP Streams, Endpoints, Registrations and Errors.
All in all, CommView for WiFi performs very well, and comes equipped with lots of useful functions. It is mainly geared toward more powerful users, however it is quite easy to work with, so with a bit of effort it can be mastered by most.