Wireshark Download

Wireshark is a free, open-source program for capturing and analyzing network packets that can intercept and interactively view packets and traffic on a computer network. Wireshark sets the standard when it comes to analyzing and listening to a network connection. By design, the application works passively so it does not send any packet data itself which can skew data. Instead, it only collects information on the basis of intercepting messages.

Wireshark has a lot of features to help you analyze packets. First of all, it allows for in-depth inspection of hundreds of protocols and is constantly updated in this regard. We can analyze the captured data on an ongoing basis, but we also have the option of saving and viewing them when no network interface is available. Wireshark will display IP addresses, protocols during a network scan, and will also enable automatic transcription of IP addresses to domain names.

For an advanced administration program, Wireshark's interface is quite easy to use, though, in order to take full advantage of all available options, you must have quite a lot of knowledge about the operation of the network. Therefore, it is especially recommended for network administrators and people whose work involves analyzing network connections.