CommView Download

CommView is designed to analyze and monitor activity within local network environments, CommView is a program for monitoring and analyzing activity generated in the local network, both wired and wireless (WiFi). Using CommView, you can monitor all activity within the local wired or wireless network.

  • The network administrator can check open ports, sessions, connected devices, network access requests, data transfer etc.
  • The program supports both wired Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps cards, as well as WiFi wireless cards, Token Ring adapters and dial-up devices.
  • In addition to active network monitoring, the user can also intercept transmitted packets, and then analyze them, archive, export, etc.
  • In addition, CommView offers the ability to analyze traffic and generate statistics over a longer period of time, so network administrators can check which computer generates the most traffic, causes the transfer to be slower, etc.