Super Asterisk Password Viewer Download

Cała operacja jest niezwykle prosta i sprowadza się do skopiowania zaszyfrowanego hasła do okna dialogowego w programie Super Asterisk Password Viewer – program po chwili wyświetli prawidłowe hasło w tradycyjnej postaci.

Super Asterisk Password Viewer is an extremely useful and, importantly, free program for displaying hidden and encrypted passwords that can be found in dialog windows and Internet browsers.

Most often when you insert a password in a dialog window or into a blank field on a website, each letter, character and number is shown in a form of an asterisk or a point. When it is saved, it is also kept in such a form. With Super Asterisk Password Viewer you can easily and effectively read each and every password that is hidden in such a form.

This application is useful when you forget a password and you want to use it in another program, or simply write it down on a piece of paper. Super Asterisk Password Viewer works both with dialog windows in program and other operating system's utilities, as well as on websites, in logging screens when you want to sign up for an e-mail account, a social networking site, etc., etc.