WirelessKeyView (64-bit) Download

WirelessKeyView (64-bit) is an easy-to-use tool to recover forgotten passwords for wireless network access.

The WirelessKeyView (64-bit) can be used to remind passwords for wireless networks. Using this tool, you can easily read and recover passwords stored on the hard disk of your computer when you connect to wireless networks. If some time ago we used a WiFi network, but have forgotten the password, the program WirelessKeyView (64-bit) will come in handy.

Another useful feature is the ability to save recovered information on your desktop in the form of txt, html or xml. You do not have to install it, just download the archive, unpack the files and double click the executable. The programÔÇÖs interface is plain and easy to understand, which is a good information for less experienced users.

WirelessKeyView can be really helpful in case you need to retrieve a network password you once used to connect your notebook to a WiFi network. It is light on computer resources and definitely deserves to give it a try..