Windows 7 Password Recovery Tool Download

Windows 7 Password Recovery Tool is a program that allows you to find a lost password for a user account on Windows 7. The program's password recovery is very simple. The application easily works with all versions of Windows 7. Thanks to Windows 7 Password Recovery Tool, you can quickly and safely reset system access passwords without losing any data. Although this tool does work in a lot of cases, it isn't a 100% working solution. Some Windows 7 operating systems will have extra security measures that can't be beaten.

Using the program, you can both reset a forgotten password as well as create a new user account without a password, which will allow us to regain control over the system. The whole thing is very easy to use - the program has an intuitive interface, in which you just need to select the system from the drop-down list. After selecting the system, the application will show us on the list of all users for whom you can reset the password.

After starting the application, you have the option to create a bootable password recovery media. You can create a recovery disk on a CD / DVD using a recorder or we can use a USB flash drive or other USB memory for this purpose. After selecting the medium, just click the Burn button and the program will save all the necessary information on the selected device.