PDFlite Download

There are quite a few PDF readers on the market these days, but sometimes  it is difficult to choose  the right one. With PDFlite you can easily read and annotate any PDF documents. The program is designed to relieve you of the headache of reading books. With PDFlite, you can view PDF docs, while using some basic functions such as search, print and zoom. There is also a fully-featured web browser plug-in.

Once you install the app, you can discover another great feature of  PDFlite, mainly PDFfile printer. It lets you  convert any document to PDF. No matter  if it is Word document, docx or an image file.

Due its simplicity in design users are allowed to concentrate on their documents, not the program.  All you need to do is to load up the file in your viewer and print it with the use of PDFlite printer. Basically, you can create your own PDFs in your favourite word processor or publisher. It supports multiple languages.

All in all, PDF Lite is a small but useful program for PDF viewing that comes in handy whenever you want to convert any printable document to the PDF format. As it was written with simplicity in mind, it can be used by both rookies and experienced users.