PDF Reader for Windows 7 Download

PDF continues to stay true to its reputation of being the most famous file for sharing documents. Unfortunately, Windows 7 does not incorporate native support for PDF documents. That is why, users need to use a dedicated tool for viewing or printing PDFs.

If you are looking for a PDF reader for Windows 7, meet PDF reader for Windows 7. It is absolutely lightweight, fast, and freeware PDF viewer. Apart from viewing PDFs, it can also convert them into a plenty of formats. It can be seamlessly handled, by novice users.

Bear in mind, that it doesn't create PDFs so you need a third-party software for such task. PDF Reader comes with a colorful and user-friendly interface with a nicely designed toolbar featuring the basic commands. You can import PDF items with the use of the file browser only. There is a help file where you users can get e-mail support and tutorials. So, you can open PDF documents, zoom in and out, rotate the pages, and either print the file and save it to a different format.

Additionally, users are allowed to create a slideshow and set PDF Reader for Windows 7 to be your default PDF reader.

All in all, when you are looking for a simple, lightweight PDF reader and printer, then PDF reader is the right choice, because of it’s extremely light footprint.