PDF Combine Download

PDF Combine allows users for combining many PDF files into one. Users who work with PDF files on a daily basis will find an efficient solution for them.

The user interface is tidy and utilitarian and very user-friendly so you will not experience any problem with trying to get used to it. It is established on the layout of Explorer so it enables users to easily choose and locate PDF files for processing. Additionally, the interface offers several languages to choose from, but the tool does not include any help file. The list makes it possible for users to check the type, name, date of modification of each file. To start the conversion process, users have to specify the filename as well as output destination.

The tool comes with a solid feature pack, e.g. it can merge files within folders or merge them by common name part. Moreover, it can generate bookmarks by making use of the names of the combined files. This substantially eases the navigation of the multi-page PDF file. Users can also encrypt their documents with a password, or create a list of favourites. A certain plus is given also to the fact that the output file is always accurate and keeps the original quality concerning images, shapes, as well as text layout. The PDF Combine robust engine makes the process of combining files quick. In addition, it does not burden the system resources.
All in all, PDF Combine is fully-functional program which can be seamlessly handled by all user levels.