RogueKiller Download

RogueKiller is a small program, written in C++ language, whose main task is scanning the computer looking for malicious processes running in the background, and then allowing the user to decide whether to close a given process. The program can detect and eliminate dangerous entries, such as ZeroAccess, TDSS, Ransomware and false applications that claim to be malware killers.

Once RogueKiller has been launched, the user can scan the computer and search for malicious software, incorrect Hosts and Registry entries and more. when the scanning is finished, RogueKiller displays a list of found problems and allows the user to take appropriate action. The program has also a couple of built-in tools for fixing broken shortcuts (which appear as a result of the work of a program called FakeHDD) and searching the system for working entries regarding proxy servers which steal user data.

While RogueKiller is a fairly option-limited application, it is worth having just in case. It will certainly prove useful when fighting with malicious software in the form of well-hidden background-running processes, malicious services and DLL files. Due to the fact that it can change vital elements of the system, it is strongly recommended that the users always twice check before taking any serious measures.