Flash Movie Player Download

Flash Movie Player is the kind of software that name pretty much explains its functionality. It has been tailored especially to load and view Flash videos. Playing Flash files is currently becoming more popular thanks to YouTube or DailyMotion.
Using Flash Movie Player is free and it has no ads and no nag screens. Developers also ensure that it is safe since it has no spyware. It sports simple user interface that can be easily navigated. It is equipped with a Help file, for users who need some guidance.

The program enables users to open SWFs EXEs and FMPs and create a playlist that can be saved. Files can be added by using drag and drop method. The program allows for using some basic commands like play, stop, pause or next or previous track. What is more, users are granted the possibility to disable the playlist, adjust the quality level, as well as, switch to full screen mode. Users can take some snapshots, however, the choice of saving formats is quite limited because they can be only saved in JPEG or BMP format. Additionally, the program allows for opening a Flash animation from the web, configuring animation as screensaver or setting it in a way that it is always on top of other apps. The “Settings” menu gives users an opportunity to set options concerning, interface, colour, and snapshots. Configuring the snapshots includes setting up default image format and default destination. A certain plus is also given to the fact that the program takes up a low-to-moderate portion of system resources.

Overall, Flash Movie Player gives users numerous file playing options thanks to which users can fully control their Flash movies. It undoubtedly deserves a spot on the list of recommendations.