ALSong Download

ALSong is a free piece of software that puts quite a lot of emphasis on displaying the lyrics of the song while it is playing while being wrapped in a classic Winamp-style layout.

Using the ALSong is intuitive and really easy to use, especially if you have spent some time using WinAMP. ALSong displays three main panels - one navigation with all buttons like Play, Pause, Stop, the second with playlists, and the third with the lyrics of the song. After starting playback of a given song, the program automatically searches for the text matching the version of the song you are playing. The lyrics of the song are displayed in both the Lyrics panel and the semi-transparent panel at the bottom of the screen, which is always on top. The panel can be moved from the corner of the screen to any place or turned off completely.

If song lyrics aren't available, ALSong will offer a Song Lyrics Editor, which you can use to search for matching text, set tags for the song and synchronize the lyrics with the song. The app also supports internet radio stations which can be found under the View tab, you can activate the so-called Song Box as well as a library of stations where you can find streams to listen to. Nothing prevents you from creating your own directories of stations and adding them after URL addresses. From the view options, you can also activate the equalizer and adjust the sound quality.

The program settings allow you to adjust the appearance of ALSong. You can use three default skins, as well as manually adjust, for example, the appearance of the song text on the bottom panel (font, size, text and background colour, number of lines displayed). ALSong also supports global keyboard shortcuts, so you can control the player from anywhere in the system, even when you do not have multimedia buttons on the keyboard.