Prime95 Download

The definition of prime numbers says that these are the numbers that only divide to themselves and by the number 1. Mathematicians have been dealing with them for many years. The Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search was a project which involved counting of Mersenne Prime Numbers.

Prime95 has been designed with the purpose of operating as a client for the GIMPS project, but not only. Because of the fact that Mathematics is a foundation of a CPU, therefore Prime 95 is also employed as a tool testing the steadiness and performance.

Prime95 sports so called ‘Torture Test’ that examines your CPU and RAM to check for ensuring the correct performance of the application on a certain computer. It includes three modes such as ‘Small FFTs’, ‘In-place large FFTs’ and ‘Blend.’ The last of the aforementioned modes produces the greatest stress for your system. Users must remember about the tool for monitoring the temperature of their computers during the test because the processor may produce a great deal of heat. If you pass ‘Torture Test’ successfully, you have a solid computer configuration. The developers of this program recommend 24 hour test of your system to get the reliable results. Moreover, Prime95 offers its users a benchmark for their CPU to compare the results.

All in all, Prime95 is a tool which is a perfect combination of system stability tester as well as Mersenne Prime finder. If you are a computer geek and want to measure the stability of your system you should definitely try out Prime95.