Paragon Partition Manager Free Edition Download

Dealing with partitions seems to be a challenging task, unless you use a reliable tool for this. Paragon Partition Manager Free Edition is one of the those applications, that will help users organize hard drive and perform critical hard-disk operations securely, without influencing your data.

It resembles the look of the old faithful Partition Manager, but now comes packed with more powerful features. It flawlessly handles resizing, moving and optimizing partitions via embedded Resize Wizard that guides you through the whole process step-by-step.

The installation is straightforward and the interface is nicely organized, featuring shortcuts to all of its functions. With Paragon Partition Manger Free one can securely create a new partition, remove it, enlarge, merge two or more of them, and perform other partition-related tasks.

When it comes to extra features, in the Copying and Migration segment, users are allowed to move data to another drive, and create a copy of a partition. In the Backup and Rescue segment, on the other hand, one can easily make a backup for data or burn a bootable recovery CD.

All things considered, Paragon Partition Manager Free Edition is a reliable tool, that brings easy to use wizards and a rich set of interesting features that equips users with data consistency.