WinDirStat Download

WinDirStat is a freeware application whose task is to display information and statistical charts about the space taken by various folders on your hard drive. With this program you can easily and effectively check how much space does take your favourite game, the operating system, or a folder with photographs.

WinDirStat reads the whole catalog tree to check the space taken by certain programs and destinations and then it presents the outcome in a form of a readable graphic interface. Depending on the capacity of the whole hard drive scanning may take from a few minutes to even half an hour. The whole explorer tree is displayed in a plain and easily comprehensible form.

Each and every file is displayed by the program in a form of a colourful square with its surface proportional to taken space on the hard drive. The program can turn out to be useful if you want to check out and compare how much space of your hard drive is taken by films, music, games, etc., etc.