FastCopy Download

Sometimes copying large files is a really daunting task. Solving this issue, FastCopy comes in handy. This simple application empowers users with control over copying files. Plus, it offers fast synchronization and ensures safe deletion.

FastCopy is runs without any confusions, since it comes as an executable, so everything is limited to a single double click. The interface is basic but crowded with lots of options. To start with, just select the item and establish the destination folder and the program will do the rest. Of course, you can adjust the speed of copying, copy only the files that differ in size or date, include or exclude filters.

Among the best things about FastCopy is that it provides useful information about the copying process, including the transfer rate, the file rate and the remaining time to complete the task.

All things considered, FastCopy is a perfect solution for cripple computer performance, thanks to a solid package of features.