i-Funbox Download

iFunbox is a small program that allows you to manage your iPhone or iPad from your computer. It is currently the best iTunes alternative on the market.

With iFunbox we will break all the limits and barriers that Apple tries to impose on us through the use of iTunes. With this program, you will be able to experience a synchronization and compatibility between your Apple device and your computer that you will never be able to experience with iTunes.

The advantages & features that make iFunbox better than iTunes.

  • You will have total control of the system files of your iPhone/iPad. The file manager has a very similar operation to Windows Explorer, so browsing our device, the use of files (Cut, Copy, Paste, Move) is exactly what we are used to in the Windows operating system.
  • It offers the possibility of using our device as a high-speed storage disk, that is, similar to an external hard disk. and all this at a file transfer speed of 5MB/s for iPhones and 15MB/s for iPad.
  • It incorporates a wallpaper function that allows us to preview the wallpapers. It also integrates into all other folders including the folder of photos taken with the camera. So the selection, removal and replacement of images will be much easier. You can also upload wallpapers in batches, conversions, change the resolution and size of images.
  • Secure installation of applications on iPhone and iPad. You will not need to jailbreak to install purchased apps. Supports installation of unofficial/unsigned .ipa based on AppSyn without installation. Backing up applications as .ipa packages for swapping and reinstallation. Easy batch install and uninstall.
  • Access to the App sandbox is very useful for backing up/sharing games and app settings. You can also upload videos to players like "OPlayer HD" without using iPod and without Jailbreak.
  • Export Apple iTunes video and audio files to your computer as a backup for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod or to burn to a CD. Scan music and video files on iPhone and iPod even when iTunes refuses to connect.

Are you willing to take control of your Apple device, iFunbox is the tool you were looking for.