Flash Cookie Cleaner Download

Flash cookies are used by various websites and web applications that use flash to store data on the user's computer. Although they are useful and have their purpose in remembering login details among other things. They can also come in malicious forms that pose a threat to your privacy and security. Flash Cookie Cleaner is a small application that scans your computer's memory for flash cookies. The program does not require installation as it is portable and allows you to remove selected items from your disks/drives. It also lets you know which cookies are malicious and which are just doing their intended job safely.

The interface is pretty basic and consists of three modules:

  • Scan Cookies (starts the scanning mode)
  • View Cookies (which allows you to view potentially dangerous files)
  • Delete Cookies (allows you to delete them).

A special, separate tab contains elements/cookies that have been requested to be ignored manually. If you play a lot of flash games you may lose game save data by deleting cookies. If you are unsure just dig a little deeper and you should be able to distinguish between the cookies.