Easy-Hide-IP Download

Your IP address gives a numerous number of information about you and your browsing experience. If you are looking for a solution that will help you secure your anonymity, Easy-Hide-IP will be a remedy to this problem. Easy-Hide-IP is a very simple tool that changes your IP to a new one, and thus allows you to stay anonymous on the web, as well as bypass many restrictions.

The same like in a proxy tool, Easy-Hide-IP comes with a rich collection of IPs, thus letting you to choose the one that suits the best to your Internet connection.

The interface is well organized and user friendly, but the download process takes time because of the registration procedure. It asks users to enter their email addresses and wait for a product key, which is obligatory if you want to open the app.

Easy-Hide-IP lets users view the IPs only from different countries, but also to customize the settings automatically thus ensuring even more anonymity.

By no means, Easy-Hide-IP eats up low amount of computer resources, but keep in mind that browsing speed may be much more slower.

All things considered, Easy-Hide-IP is an easy to use yet powerful software, with a nice interface and a comprehensive help file.