Mask Surf Pro Download

Mask Surf Pro has been designed to enable users to use the Tor network. It comes with a variety of advanced features including the possibility to choose which host country to emulate.

Developers are allowed to use it in order to examine how their tools or web pages perform in particular areas or under some browser restrictions. Firing the program for the first time, it immediately identifies users Web browsers and sets up itself to them. Mask Surf Pro functions are characterized its tabs. It has got Countries for setting up geo-specific masks, Speed tab thanks to which we can customize relay limits as well as other bandwidth options. There is also Masking tab which allows to set up Chrome and gives operating system choices, and finally Contribution responsible for choosing Tor mode and Tor log.

All in all, Mask Surf Pro is the application famous for its ease of options and powerful capabilities. Its usage is surprisingly light when comparing it to other software of this type.