Crap Cleaner Download

Crap Cleaner is a program for cleaning the computer disk from unnecessary and old files, junk, browser history, etc. It works in a similar way to the tools found in Internet browsers that allow you to clear similar data caches. Using the Crap Cleaner program, you can scan your computer for unnecessary files that take up valuable disk space, and then clean it. The tool is able to search for history, temporary files and cookies of browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari etc. In addition to cleaning browser history, which improves our privacy not only on the web but also at work, school and home.

You can also search for and delete any temporary files generated by the Windows operating system or other software installed on the computer's hard drive. The program's interface is simple and clear, and its operation will not cause problems even for novice users. Crap Cleaner works best when used alongside built-in Windows tools like Storage sense which allows you to remove old Windows updates and a range of other temporary files that aren't really needed for anything in particular.