SurfAnonymous Download

SurfAnonymous is a free program with which we hide our identity (IP address) while browsing the resources of the Internet. It's a quick and easy method of using proxy services that disguise your real IP address. SurfAnonymous free and effectively gives you the ability to mask your IP address when browsing websites around the world. The program interface is very clear and simple, and the complete operation of the program comes down to a few clicks. Simply select the country from which you want to be assigned a new IP address, and then click on its flag. After a few short moments, a connection will be established and your IP address will be hidden. With the SurfAnonymous program, we can, among other things, maintain full anonymity when browsing websites or using chat rooms, as well as access content reserved only for users from a specific country. It is true that the use of the program is free, but in this version the SurfAnonymous program only allows users to use IP addresses only from the United States. For some people that will be enough, for others, it won't be.