Free MP3 Cutter Download

Have you ever tried to split a large Mp3 file into several other parts? Free Mp3 Cutter is practically named tool for this particular problem. It is a simple, easy-to-use tool which lets you trim audio files, while allowing you to save the results into new MP3 files. It comes with an embedded audio player which lets you preview the file and select segments which should be sliced within two clicks. While trimming the MP3 file, the quality is not effected at all.

The program features nice and simple interface, which means it can be handled by all types of users. Simply launch the application and select the Mp3 file you want to split. Then mark the starting and the ending point and choose the Cut button. You can also import an MP3 file by using "drag and drop" technique. Then you will be asked to specify the file name and the destination.

The memory footprint is very slow and system resources are barely touched. Free Mp3 Cutter does its job quickly. Unfortunately,  there is not any help file available and it doesn't provide extra splitting method such as the ability to cut equal-sized parts.

Nevertheless, users look with favour on Free Mp3 Cutter for its straightforward application. There are several tools available on the market which perform the same job. However, Free MP3 Cutter is so simple that even less experienced users may use it to perform Mp3 file splitting.