Cleantouch Urdu Dictionary Download

Cleantouch Urdu Dictionary is the oldest and most reputable of English to Urdu translation dictionaries. After the success of the last 6 editions of the dictionary, in this seventh edition, an addition of more than 33,000 new words in English with their corresponding meaning in Urdu has been introduced. 70,000 more translations from English to Urdu and 80,000 words in Urdu. The English meanings have been presented in simple language and in a direct style so that even the average reader has no difficulty in understanding the meanings. It is a unique dictionary based on the latest Unicode technology, developed and using the power of Microsoft. NET.

  • It has a simple and easy interface.
  • Supports wildcard search and all Windows keyboard accessibility features (for example, On-Screen Keyboard and Keyboard Layout ETC Customization).
  • The customization section allows you to configure the features, fonts and themes.

As such, it is especially valuable for all institutional workers, office workers or anyone who lives in environments where translations from English to Urdu and vice versa are frequently performed. By virtue of its precision and brevity, this dictionary is a source of great help for general users, businessmen and others who face the manipulation of words in their daily relationships.