Expat Shield Download

Expat Shield s a freeware application that allows its users to hide their IP. Nowadays, browsing the Web means we leave various traces of our existence and there is not much space for being anonymous. With Expat Shield it is possible to hinder from revealing your identity, whether you search information, view image galleries, or log into different accounts.

The program lets also use an IP address characteristic for Great Britain, so if you would like to access some websites that are not available outside the United Kingdom it is possible with this application.

The program automatically changes the settings of a proxy server during the installation. After launch it displays the status of the connection on the tabs of your Internet browser and on the system bar next to the clock. Expat Shield can be turned on or off at any moment, and its intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate even for the beginning users.

All in all, this program is perfect for those who value their privacy in the Internet.