MD5 Checker Download

Before you decide to download a software and install it on your PC, it is advisable to verify if hash value matches the one provided by the developer. MD5 Checker is the safest and most convenient way to check it out.

It is a small and portable application, that can verify MD5 checksums. Since it is a portable software, it does not require installation and can be placed on USB device and run on other PCs.

MD5 Checker’s interface is quite clean and intuitive, so even novices can easily get accustomed to its features, and quickly compare the integrity of their files.

To compare two different hash values, just choose the file you want to process and the application automatically shows its MD5 checksum. Then, copy another file and with the use of the “Paste” button insert it into a special field, and the app will show you the results.

In case it appears, that the two hash values are identical, this indicates that you own the original package. If they are not identical, you need to search for another source to download the file.
Another interesting feature in MD5 Checker is the ability to create checksums for any file you choose.