Tor Browser Bundle Download

Tor Browser Bundle is the type of software designed to enable users to surf the Internet anonymously. It is capable of hiding users location and hindering other people from disclosing their browsing habits.
The software is based on a network of virtual servers which aim at making your browsing sessions unidentifiable. The download package contains the Tor and Vidalia which is a cross platform controller GUI, as well as custom-made version of Firefox which includes a bunch of add-ons that guarantee online anonymity.

Novice users are strongly recommended to think using Vidalia through because the interface puts users through less trouble than the command prompt type of Tor. Firing Vidalia for the first time, it immediately connects users to Tor network, and if it is accomplished successfully, a status will be shown in the main window.
The user interface includes a set of shortcuts that enable users to cease the service, or to start making the relays work. Best of all, the interface is equipped with a button for employing a new identity, whenever you want to do it. Vidalia also sports an utility which displays a bandwidth graph that estimates the received or sent rate of packets, for those users who are concerned with bandwidth usage. When it comes to drawbacks, the program might slow down surfing the net a little bit.

All things considered, Tor Browser Bundle is a powerful and trustworthy surfing tool. It is famous for the list of options and without a doubt it will meet the requirements of users.