Advanced SystemCare Pro Download

Keeping your computer in top-notch shape requires some specialized software that can identify junk files, malware, and invalid entries and fix existing problems and also take precautionary measures to prevent the occurrence of some of those issues.

Advanced SystemCare aims to fulfill all these needs optimizing your PC experience as fast as possible. This application is not only responsible for analyzing and fixing Windows problems, but also to change the existing settings so that the operating system works faster and is more stable. Advanced SystemCare also comes bundled with a bunch of security tools that can detect and remove spyware, as well as prevent from any other unpleasant surprises from entering your system.

When installing this utility, pay close attention because it will install an IObit toolbar unless you decline. Apart from this, if you uninstall the app, it leaves a folder behind. But still, Advanced SystemCare is a worth trying app for keeping your system in a tiptop shape.

Once you install the Advanced SystemCare, an eye-candy interface invites you to use the application. The main window is organized into four maintenance categories on the left pane that guide users through the whole optimizing and fixing process. These elements include: Quick Care, Deep Care, Toolbox, and Turbo Boost.

The two 'Care' features are responsible for performing scans  and have the power to remove redundant data from your computer completely. According to our tests, both of them run quite fast and does not hog valuable system resources. Registry Defrag option, on the other hand, will tidy up your registry. Another useful feature, namely the 'Toolbox' takes advantage of host of numerous tools for cleaning, optimizing and repairing Windows issues. To help users learn more about them, each tool comes with a short description. Advanced System Care also brings a Rescue feature that allows users backspace any registry changes, and offers the ability to create a backup copy before you start fixing, which we strongly recommend you do, just to be on the safe side. Another great feature is the Turbo Boost feature that enables users to disable no longer needed services and applications, thus speeding up our computer performance.

With an easy to use interface and a set of useful extras, Advanced System Care is a great choice for users of all skill levels. There are some aesthetic touches that more powerful users may find interesting. All themes can be accessed from the setting menu, but users can also look for more online.

All in all, Advanced SystemCare is an easy to use and quick helper if there's something wrong with the computer. It does its job great, quickly finds all the performance problems and fixes them in a minutes, making the PC work faster and even more stable. But keep in mind that you ought to perform regular scans if you want to keep the system in a good shape.