EaseUS CleanGenius Download

EaseUS CleanGenius is a program similar to CCleaner that allows you to effectively and efficiently remove all the junk from your hard drive, as well as to improve your Windows' performance. The program locates all the junk in the system and removed it, freeing HDD space and speeding up your OS' performance.

Additionally, EaseUS CleanGenius takes care of your system registry's good condition and defragmentates you hard drive (both features are only available in Pro version). All the tasks can be accomplished by the program at request or based on a schedule. This application has a modern, easy in use interface.

In here you can find various modules, such as Memory Manager (handling RAM memory), Startup Manager (choosing autostarting applications), and Turbo Boost (modifying system settings to boost its performance). There are two scanning modes - Quick Scan and Deep Scan.

Apart from these mentioned elements, EaseUS CleanGenius detects also empty folders, shortcuts that lead nowhere, and potentially dangerous to the computer's owners processes. According to the settings of the application you can use all the available tools during installation or only install those that are really necessary.