Product Key Finder Download

Product Key Finder is an application that has been designed with a sole purpose of displaying your Windows Product Key as well as extracting the license keys of other programs that are installed on your computer. It seems to be a trifle thing, but those users who had to reinstall their Windows on their PC and could not find the product key know that this inconspicuous application can easily deal with it.

Each user knows that product keys are indispensable when one needs to reinstall a program. Product Key Finder scans your registry quickly and extract keys. It can also be employed by network administrators to check out the licences used on particular computers. It enables you to create a list with keys exerted in your network to find out if a particular license is not used on other computers. The list of serial numbers can be exported to a text file and saved as a .CSV file to make a backup. Users can cut, copy and paste keys that are needed. It is advised to keep the output file in a safe location to avoid using it by unauthorized users.
Product Key Finder does not have to be installed since it runs directly from the download file. When users click on a certain file, a window appears which displays names and product keys for various applications installed on your registry. The program also does not include any configuration options.

All in all, Product Key Finder is simple but powerful tool used to retrieve license keys of various programs. This program earns a well-deserved spot on the list of recommendations.