Speccy Download

Speccy is the program that has been designed to collect and display detailed information about performance of your hardware. The program displays the brand, file, location, driver, version, and capacity. It also shows data about system’s CPU, RAM, disk drives, optical drives, graphics card etc. Moreover, the tool even shows the temperature of compatible hardware.

The user interface is modern, it has got colourful icons and it is designed with gray tones. Additionally, it is easy-to-use and user-friendly. The left navigation window displays Summary which offers a helpful system overview. When users click on e.g. CPU a more detailed view appears, including its operating conditions and statistics. The tool has an online help file but it can be seamlessly handled by all user levels since it lacks complex functionality.

All things considered, Speccy is a nifty program that is designed not only for computer geeks but it is helpful for every user type. Even though it lacks sophisticated features, it delivers exactly what you would expect from a program of such a type.