SWF & FLV Player Download

SWF & FLV Player is an easy-to-use Flash player, compatible with SWF and FLV formats. It does not stand out from competing solutions, but it performs its task flawlessly. The basic functions allow you to play movies, pause, rewind, zoom, view frame by frame and create playlists in a separate window. In addition, you can create screenshots and galleries from the footage. It also has a built-in converter for photo formats.

Additional features of the SWF & FLV Player allow you to download videos in SWF format. However, due to the lower popularity of this format, it is not a practical solution. The disadvantage is the lack of compatibility with downloading files in the FLV format, i.e. clips from Youtube, Google Video, etc. Navigation may also be a drawback, due to the division of the program into 3 separate windows, responsible for playback, playlists and player functions.