FLV Player Free Download

FLV Player Free is, just as its name suggests, a freeware multimedia player for files saved in FLV format. The program can also handle files encrypted in H.264/MPEG-4 formats.

With FLV Player Free you can directly play the files downloaded from the Internet. Along with its, the program works as a separate autonomous application and not just as the browser's plugin (like in case of Adobe Flash Player). It means that you can do whatever you want with the program's window, resizing it to your needs, and also move to full-screen mode.

FLV Player Free is extremely easy in use, and its aesthetically minimalistic deisgn and interface allow its users - even if they don't know English well - to easily navigate along all of its features. Interestingly, the program can also play files not only directly from the Internet, but also from any location on your computer's hard drive. With the program you can also play a few films simultaneously but in separate windows.

Some users reported that there are problems when switching with watching files to the full-screen mode - the program weighs down the CPU's performance and tends to crash the system sometimes. The author of the program advises to launch the application in Windows 2000 compatibility mode.