Virtual WiFi Router Download

If you don't have a WiFi router, but you want other devices to share your connection, just use Virtual WiFi Router and create wireless network. It is a simple application, featuring user-friendly interface, that will make it easy to create a WiFi hotspot. It is extremely useful since even the laptop can be a mobile Wi-Fi router at any time and place.
The tiny and simple interface displays tabs for Settings and Clients Connected. The latter shows all devices and IP address accessing your hot spot. If you want to rescan the network, press the Refresh button. There is also a Help file and About panels option which includes links to configuration instructions, e-mail support, and updates.
With this simple tool you can create password protected networks on the fly. First of all, make sure your computer is ready, then open Virtual WiFi Router, choose your modem from the list and select a WiFi network name and password. As from now, other WiFi devices are allowed to share the internet with you if they have the password.