USB Disk Security Download

Security is the utmost factor that we all consider in aspect of computers, but not necessarily when it comes to USB thumbdrives. While almost all users run security suites or standalone antivirus, they often forget to protect their USB drives. USB flash drives are perfect carriers of tons of data as well as many security threats. By their very nature, USB drives are vulnerable to potential online threats.

USB Disk Security is an effective program that aims to provide solid protection against the potential malware threats stored on USB sticks. It also keeps your personal data from prying eyes.

USB Disk Security resembles the look of standard PC security tool, featuring attractive yet professional-looking interface, with self-explanatory buttons.
USB Disk Security incorporates advanced proactive detection techniques, and a rich collection of security tools. A few quick example are USB Shield, with real-time monitoring, USB scan with malware scanner, Data Protection, Safe Sites with a URL Scanner and a Safe Web Navigation function, System Tools and Quarantine which stores unsafe and deleted files. The System Tools comprises Disk Cleanup, Repair System, and Autostart List. USB Disk Security can run flawlessly with any other security tools and antivirus programs.

Once you install USB Disk Security it instantly starts working when a flash drive is inserted. It scans for infections, and offers many useful options. For example, you can check which programs automatically run at system start-up. Besides, USB Disk Security is able to lock your USB ports or flash drive, thus preventing unwelcome users from accessing you data or even connect their USB drives to your computer.