Panda USB Vaccine Download

Sometimes your PC may catch a virus before you even scan an external storage device such as a USB stick or an external drive. Panda USB Vaccine is a free tool that helps you to prevent malware infections caused by automatically loading devices. It often happens that after you plug in an external data storage device your PC asks you to format it. This is one of the most common error that are brought by malicious software. With a little help from Panda USB Vaccine you can efficiently clean both your external devices and your PC.

Panda USB Vaccine allows to vaccinate your PC in such a way that no USB, CD or DVD program wouldn't autostart and thus start a malware file. Among the advantages of the program is its user-friendly interface that really goes down to two main features: vaccinating your PC or an external device. This whole process is done with just one click of your mouse, and the program finds and disables autorun.inf in a snap.

The newest release of the program now supports NTFS discs, automatical turning down a program that tries to launch without your consent, along with additional languages and even greater working speed.