@MAX SyncUp Download

Backing up your computer is an extremely important since it can save you some headaches of losing your data. However, remembering to perfrom this simple task is not as easy as it may seem to be.

Therefore, @MAX SyncUp comes in handy offering comprehensive set of features for file synchronization. It can backup and manage your files within a few clicks of a button.

You can now secure all of your important personal and business data either on a portable any device such as a USB or HDD, on your network, on FTP or SFTP server, or Google Docs. The former is probably the cheapest one and the most powerful cloud storage.

It is a decent solution which organizes your backups thus ensuring you do not lose important data within the tons of files you keep on your PC. Although it comes with a price tag attached to it, it is definitely worth buying.
All the options are packed within a clean and user-friendly interface. The wizard will walk you step-by step through its nifty features. With this program you can create an internal archive for files accidentally deleted. And it does give you the ability to provide a safe and convenient way to synchronize two computers with the use of a USB drive. Furthermore, it lets you create restore points.

All in all, @MAX SyncUp is recommended for those who want to feel secure that their valuable data are safe from accidents caused by deletion.