TurboBackup Download

These days we collect more and more data on our hard drives, but they don't really get any safer. Stop having nightmares about losing important information and install TurboBackup - a richly features application for creating system back-ups and archiving your data. With its advanced functions you will be able to create copies of your documents, films, music, programs, photos, favourites, even your personal settings - all thanks to a practical organiser. Your data can be exported to an external device (a pendrive, an SD card, a CD/DVD disc); the program supports laptops, netbooks and PCs. It can be also synced with an ftp server to create streams of back-up data, and you can export your archives to a cloud (in services such as Dropbox, Google Docs, etc.).

With TurboBackup you can create copies in ZIP format and, to protect it from getting into wrong hands, encrypt it with passwords. Thanks to its tutorial that covers all the important aspects of backing up your data, step by step, using the program proves incredibly easy. There is also an extensive file with history of all your previous operations, including information on output destinations. You can also set tasks and create a schedule for a back-up if you are afraid you may forget about doing it.

The newest release of the program offers new templates, one-click access to your cloud-sent back-up, adding files and folders by drag-and-drop method, an improved system for managing your archives (you can reorganize your files by e.g. their format) and some additional features for Windows 8 operating system.