PrivaZer Download

PrivaZer is a free program that improves user security and privacy when surfing the web. When it comes to privacy, the program removes all traces and traces of browsing the Internet.

Using the PrivaZer program, we can clean up any traces saved on the computer disk after browsing the Internet. This is primarily about the history of the pages searched, saved passwords, temporary files and the so-called cookies. In addition, the program will clean the computer disk from unnecessary and unused data.

During operation, PrivaZer scans the entire disk for MFT files, among other things, analyzes the system registry, temporary directories, as well as system memory and downloaded and installed applications. The program pays special attention to all elements related to web browsers.

Interestingly, the program will scan not only internal hard drives but also external data stores connected to the computer, i.e. external HDD drives, memory cards, pen drives, MP3 players, NAS network devices, etc. For dessert, we get a tool for optimizing web browsers, and after completing all processes, PrivaZer displays a detailed report on the deleted files from the computer.