Internet Download Accelerator Download

Nowadays, we download tons of files on daily basis and waiting for large files is often time consuming and irritating. To speed your download you need a dedicated software for this, namely a download manager.

Internet Download Accelerator is an alternative. This simple application promises fast download speed, featuring a nice and clean interface along with a selection of useful features.

Apart from accelerating downloads, Internet Download Accelerator works as a file manager as it organizes files by type by default. When it comes to downloading, the program splits a file into several parts and downloads these parts at once. What results in fast download. It comes in handy if you use multiple browsers, as it conveniently integrates with them.
One particularly useful feature makes it possible to detect links that you've copied to your clipboard. It will inform you about any links that can be downloaded. And on top of this, it brings to the table an FTP Explorer, a site manager for password and download folders, a download scheduler and download throttle.
All in all, Internet Download Accelerator is a decent download accelerator due to its powerful capabilities, good integration and simplicity.