RarZilla Free Unrar Download

RarZilla Free Unrar is a freeware tool that allows to unpack archives saved in RAR format. The program is extremely simple in use and its task is to read and de-compress files - you cannot use it to create a new archive.

To unpack a file users can do a few different things. You can either choose a file in the program's window and click on Unrar, or click on Extract in a packed archive's context menu (to get there, right click on a file). You can also drag and drop an archive to the application's window, or choose RarZilla Free Unrar as a default program for opening RAR format files, so later you'd just have to left-click on the file's icon twice.

The program has a few additional features useful in handling password-secured archives. Users can set a default password that the pgoram uses when he comes across a password-secured archive. This feature is useful when you often receive files from a friend or a co-worker that are password-secured with the same password - you don't have to type it in every time. If you use a few passwords quite often, you can also create a whole list of the most often used passwords. The application will test the passwords from the list for as long as the archive remains unpacked.