eM Client Download

eM Client is an interesting alternative for the most popular e-mail clients that offers synchronization of numerous services such as calendar assignments, IM messengers, and lists of tasks. The program allows to sync itself with a vast variety of e-mail services such as Gmail, Outlook.com, Hotmail, Yahoo!, iCloud and many others. This way you can easily manage a large number of e-mail accounts.

Furthermore, this application allows you to import your data from other e-mail clients (such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, and Thunderbird). The files you download can be easily archived, and eMClient also allows you to quickly contact via char with Facebook and Gmail users. Yet another element that syncs your accounts is the cooperation between the program and your Skype account, along with widget management.

Among the other features of the program that are worth mentioning are: IMAP4 management (both offline and online), SMTP and POP3 management, encrypting SSL connections. Users can either use the default settings of the client or change its outlook on their own. The program is extremely easy to use and as a highly intuitive and user-friendly application it is much appreciated by a vast number of users.

In the newest release of the program, there are innovations such as full Windows 8 maintenance and even easier data backup and settings restoration. eMClient requires installing .NET Framework 3.5+ libraries to function properly.