Windows Live Mail Download

Windows Live Mail is the type of software that combines e-mail account and calendar. The latter allows you for synchronizing all your affairs with Windows Live account, contact list, and news feed reader. The program appeared on the market as a successor to the popular Outlook Express.

The software is quite easy to install, however, the process of installation takes some time. Setting up e-mail is a breeze, users are required only to enter their e-mail credentials and that is more or less all. Its usage is also surprisingly light.

Windows Live Mail comes with some nice features, like the aforementioned news feed reader that provides users with the latest news. The program also lets users access their e-mail or edit events in the calendar even they are offline. It is also highly customizable, e.g. it allows users for modifying the way it displays their information, as well as grants users the possibility to activate various panes or the conversation mode, choose their account colours, change the sort order, and filter their messages. The filter option can turn out to be useful for those users who want to get only certain e-mails or get them only from certain users.

All things considered, Windows Live Mail offers users a bunch of useful features thanks to which they can send e-mails smoothly, keep an eye on their matters via the calendar, and keep being up-to-date. Users who like to be well-organized should definitely give it a try.