ClubDJ ProVJ Download

ClubDJ ProVJ creates a whole music environment, allowing each and every DJ to mix music and create their own hits based on already existing files. The program has a nice interface that remembles a professional music DJ's piece of equipment and is packed with numerous features that allow to add sumptuous effects to your project, modifying music qualities of your tracks.  

The application allows to find a suitable beat, modify music pace (slow down or speed up) and add numerous effects such as Flanger, Echo, Wah, Phaser, Delay, or Reverb. The program enables to add visualisations, bringing more than 40 various visual projections, helpful for all DJs who perform during some events. This way it is possible to build authentic audiovisual experience in real time.

ClubDJ ProVJ has a readable and easy-in-use interface - if you have ever used DJ-addressed music software, you won't have any problems exploring its features. Just like in any programs of this kind there are two visual player in the form of adecks. All the features are accessible in the form of switches and buttons. In addition the program allows to install new skins, enabling you to further modify its lookout and modifying according to your taste. The files that you have on your hard drive can be browsed in classic form, in a tree or by self-assigned tags. There is, of course, also a search engine where we can look the file up by its name.

The program supports all the popular music formats, such as MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, M4A, and many more. Ready-made playlists can be also added (in MPL and M3U format) so it's easier to switch between songs. Apart from changing basic music features and adding effects, you can also "automatically" mix two songs, use pre-made samples, and much more.